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Real Results - Testimonials

Mike Catala

Success story because of Anta's Muay Thai Kickboxing classes.

I decided to run 3 miles and see how fast I can time...I use to only be able to do it yrs ago in 32 to 33 min ...I actually finished in 27 min and 41 sec...I pretty much almost sprinted...thanks for the conditioning in your Muay Thai class I was able to accomplish this, Julio Anta...

Feeling like a kid again!


Manny Reyes Jr
World Kickboxing Champion
17 Time World Sport Karate Champion
King of the Cage MMA Champion
Semi-Pro Football Player

Manny Reyes JrThank you Mr Anta.... what an incredible workout! Anta’s Fitness, Strength and Conditioning program has been amazing to me and my comeback. Never been through anything like it throughout my long fight career.

Julio Anta really brings it... hardest conditioning workout I’ve had to go through as a Pro-Fighter. Man you have to be one of the top fitness guys in the world.

I highly recommend Coach Anta to not just pro-fighter, but to any world class athlete that  that wants to take his/her fitness to the next level and win!

Alberto Navarro
Marathon Runner, Kung-Fu Student

Achieving what only 1% of the worldwide population can do.

Many people think that running is just to put some on shoes and run. It takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice of self. I learned this the hard way when I started the training to run my first marathon. I came to notice that not only my legs were necessary for the run but a proper upper body training was needed to be a good runner, and ultimately resist running 26.2 miles.

I decided to try the XFT class at Anta's Fitness and Self-Defense, since they combined everything that I needed to complement my marathon training. After a few classes I felt that my running got better. I gained endurance and speed, and I was really happy that my core got stronger.

On January 10 2010, I did my first marathon: Disney Marathon. Not only that but on January 31 2010 I did my second marathon: Miami Marathon. Two marathons within 3 weeks of each other. Results speak for themselves. Thank you for helping me achieve this dream.

Greg Banks
Tae Kwon Do 3rd degree Black Belt
Krav Maga Instructor

After training martial arts for 9 years and obtaining a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I was a little skeptical of the XFT training program, but after my first few weeks of class I realized that the XFT training system at Anta's was unlike anything I had experienced before.

After just a couple of months of training I lost 12 pounds of fat, 1 waist size, and took my health and fitness to another level. Every class was dynamic and exciting. XFT was easy enough for beginners to pick up yet challenging enough for even the most experienced athletes to benefit from.

I would recommend Anta's XFT to anyone that is serious about losing weight and getting in shape.

Ana Melgar

Adapting to the fast food nation country is not easy. After a month the numbers on the scale were going up. A 29 waist and size 8 pants, I decided to join Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense XFT functional Fitness Class.

The Anta’s and students were very welcoming. We do a different workout everyday. The classes are out of the ordinary, dynamic and fun.

Today a month later, I had to buy new clothes.

My waist is now 25 and I wear a size 2. I feel healthier, stronger and fit. I’m 100 % satisfied, thank you Anta’s!

Gabriel Dorta (XFT student)

My wife Arlene and I enrolled in XFT (Xtreme Functional Training) several months ago and it has made a huge difference in our lives.

One of the great things about it is that it never becomes boring, there's always something new, there's always a challenge to keep you motivated.

Unlike a gym workout, the training is interactive and works muscles and joints you use literally on a daily basis.

Ron Melnik (personal trainer)

As a successful personal fitness trainer in Pompano Beach, FL (Ft. Lauderdale area), a former collegiate football coach (Iona College, NY) and athlete (NC State football player, Atlantic Coast Conference honors recognition), Ron Melnik expects his clients to possesses passion and intensity when it comes to maintaining a fit body.

We as individuals should always strive to find effective methods to improve health, strength and body composition. Having discovered Kettlebells and trained with his mentor Julio Anta (Anta's Fitness and Self Defense, Doral, FL) Ron has become a Kettlebell enthusiast due to the incredible results he and his clients have achieved using the Kettlebells.

Never before have I used training methods as good as Kettlebells to improve strength, speed and flexibility all at the same time. Most of the Kettlebell movements require the person to use their whole body at the same time making Kettlebells the ultimate total body workout. It is a high impact workout that achieves incredible results. Workouts are done in thirty high intensity minutes. What more can you ask for.

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