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Ageless Warrior

What is an Ageless Warrior? No, it’s not like the fictional classical novel the “Portrait of Dorian Grey.” In this classic story Dorian sold his soul to the devil and only a painting of his portrait aged. Nor is an ageless warrior like the immortals in the movie and TV series “Highlander” that never aged. The Ageless Warrior is more like the Israeli Biblical hero Caleb. Caleb was a spy and great warrior from the tribe of Judah. Caleb was a man of great faith and was allotted land and villages in the vicinity of Hebron. By this time he was 85 years of age and he was as strong as he had been a generation earlier when he first traveled through Canaan as a spy. He proved his strength and power by driving out the inhabitants. Caleb was a true Ageless Warrior. With healthy eating and physical training you too can be an Ageless Warrior. Julio Anta has dedicated this life to fitness and at 57 years old in 2014 wrote the book “Anta’s Ageless Warrior Fitness” in an effort to help everyday ordinary people discover their fountain of youth.

This page and book is dedicated to the modern day Caleb’s the Ageless Warriors. Today the world has heard of numerous Ageless Warriors. We have as role models Jack Lalane the fitness guru who died at 97 and live fit and fearless. Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu Master who lived to be 95 years old. Jhon Rhee the father of American Tae Kwon Do is super fit. Rhee’s philosophy is having the wisdom of 100 years with the body of a 20 year old. Jhon Rhee is also an inspiration for the Ageless Warrior page and book. Julio Anta remembers speaking to Grand Master Rhee at the NAPMA World Martial Arts Conference in 2003. When Rhee learned that Anta was 46 at that time he said, we can change people you in Miami, me in Washington D.C. and others in their cities. Mr. Rhee is a visionary and a true Ageless Warrior. Let’s not forget Sly Stallone star and writer of Rocky who gets in better shape with age.

In the past we have had numerous examples of Ageless Warriors. Joseph Pilates who is more popular today the creator of what we refer to as Pilates was an Ageless Warrior. Sig Klein a bodybuilder, weight lifter, strongman, writer and gym operator was an ageless wonder posing and doing strongmen acts in his sixties. Who can forget Charles Atlas the “World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man” that created the Dynamic Tension Bodybuilding system. He proved that exercise and health paid off.

In every town and city in the world you can find an Ageless Warrior that defies the odds by looking, feeling, acting young and staying fit for life. In Sarasota FL we have Frank Demio. Frank is a kettlebell, CrossFit, Battling Ropes and functional training instructor. Frank who is a Christian inspired us to dedicate this section to Caleb the Ageless Warrior. Franks goal is to stay strong and powerful like Caleb. Being an Ageless Warrior is not just for men. Suzanne Summers of “Who’s Company” and anti-aging expert and Andrea Du Cane of Minnesota a Master Kettlebell instructor is an Ageless Warrior. She is the author of the Ageless Body book, DVD and workshop. Last but not least is Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense founder Julio Anta who does not have any vices lives a Christian lifestyle, eats healthy and exercises daily. Anta believes that he is a student for life and continues to achieve martial arts and fitness goals. You’ll hear him quote in his classes that age is just a number!

We can not defy time, yet we can slow down the aging process with proper eating habits, healthy living and functional training. National Geographic Magazine in the November 2005 issue had a feature article “The Secrets of Living Longer” It featured three diverse groups in widely separate regions were people live significantly longer. They were from Sardinia, Italy who men are reaching the age of 100, from Okinawa Japan the longest lived people on earth and the Seventh Day Adventists the longest living Americans. Despite their cultural differences and believes they share some common key habits. They don’t smoke. They put their family first. They are active every day. They keep socially engaged. There diets consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Stay fit for life by becoming an Ageless Warrior and defying the odds. If you know of an Ageless Warrior to feature on this web site or would like more information on training like an ageless warrior e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , call us at 305-599-3649 or log on to our blog To get "Anta's Ageless Warrior Fitness book please log on to Anta's Store.

Sig Klein age 22, 1924

Sig Klein age 57, 1959

Julio Anta Age 50 Years Old Training with Shaolin Iron Rings

Julio Anta age 52 2009

Julio Anta age 56, 2013

Frank Demio age 55, 2005

1-23-09 Julio Anta Kettlebell for Seniors Workshop for
The Silver Club of Doral

1999 Julio Anta at 42 with Jhoon Rhee
at 67 years old

Ageless Body Workshop
9-21-11 in Orlando, Florida

With Andrea Du Cane
Master RKC Kettlebell instructor 2011

Julio Anta doing Bruce Lee's Dragonfly at 56

Ageless Warriors Anta's Muay Thai students Mike Catala 48, Julio Anta 57 and Pedro Martinez 55

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