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Battling Ropes

Catch The Storm Surge!

Ropes Gone Wild Men’s Health Best New Cardio Tool 2009

Are you ready to lose weight, get stronger and get in the best shape of your life? Then get ready for Battling Ropes your gains of strength, stamina, and power will be mind-blowing. Battling Ropes is a no impact, kick butt, fast and furious, high velocity, pure adrenal surge functional training workout! You have never experienced a cardio workout at this level. Anta's Fitness and Self Defense in Doral is the first studio in South Florida to get certified as an authorized Battling Ropes training center by it inventor John Brookfield. We have incorporated Battling Ropes to our XFT Functional Fitness Class to give you the ultimate body challenge workout.

Battling Ropes is a unique aerobic and anerobic training system done with 1 1/2 to 2 inch ropes that measure 50 to 100 ft in length with unique names such as Tsunami and the Wave. Regardless if you’re handicapped, a sedentary coach potato, a novice or elite world-class athlete Battling Ropes will tax your entire system in a short time of 60 seconds or less. Your core will be absolutely trashed after 60 seconds of the power surge that the ropes demand. Battling Ropes will let you maintain power, strength and explosiveness over a greater period of time to enable you to perform at your highest level for a much longer time.

This workout will pump up your muscles, build your strength, while engaging your core and taxing your heart and lungs in minutes. It is great for men, women, kids, seniors, and athletes, those wanting to get fit, those that can not run and even on a person on a wheelchair. This is a high intensity, metabolic workout, no impact cardio, keeping you in shape as you rehabilitate injuries, while reaching maximum heart rate in minutes.

Battling Ropes is being used by numerous football teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, United States Olympic Wrestling Team, UFC fighters, Special Forces, Federal Agents, Olympians, College and Pro-Athletes. Battling Ropes creator John Brookfield is know as Mr Hands for having the strongest grip in the world, he is a Strongman and a world record holder.

Benefits of Battling Ropes Training:

No impact cardio workout
Intense core workout
Get in the best shape of your life while rehabbing injuries
Increase maximum heart rates in minutes
Increases power and speed, which equal velocity
Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity
Increases your motivation and mental endurance
Increases power and strength
Increases athletic ability in men, women and children
Increases discipline in all levels of your life
Increases your bodies ability to burn fat

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